We premier “Chu’say”, the new album by NOVALIMA. Plus MITRE and Matt Legrand

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This Friday we premier Ch’usay  the newest album by Novalima, the explosive Afro- Peruvian band that travels the world bridging cultures, genres and generations in their music. Started by four friends from Lima with a shared passion for traditional Afro-Peruvian music and global DJ culture, Novalima has garnered worldwide critical acclaim from mainstream media like NPR, UK Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Billboard, and underground media like  Remezcla, Sounds & Colors, and Nat Geo for their  legendary performances at festivals, their string of hit albums and  their Latin Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album.  Last year Novalima went back into the studio to explore new sounds from Peru and produced  Ch’usay  which will be released this Friday, celebrating Novalima’s 15th Anniversary.

Chicago –born Matt LeGrand has explored the wide variety of musical inspirations that the windy city had to offer,  learning guitar, drums, and even dabbling with songwriting. He also experimented with different bands and duos in college that finally inspired him to find a sound all his own. Legendary artists manager Bryant Reid  discovered LeGrand in 2015 and is confident he’s found another potentially explosive new artist, saying , “In all of my years in the recorded music business, I must say that Matt LeGrand is one of the hardest working young artists that I’ve encountered. “  With an ever growing fan-base who call themselves The Legrand Girls.  He released the highly successful “All Good” song and video  in 2017, released  “12:00 AM”  this year, and debuted live in NYC this summer.

Plus, The duo Mitre drops by at the beginning of the showwith the new song, “El Callejón Del Beso” .

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