Eva and the Vagabond Tales and Joy Autumn: two women whose songs tell stories

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“The hardest thing you can possibly do is walk away from someone that you viscerally love and feel is a part of you.”  Singer-songwriter, Joy Autumn, explores this declaration in depth in her latest music video for her single, Go and expands the search for meaning in her album Midnight, exploring the underbelly of the music industry. A singer-songwriter originally from the small town of Olympia, WA., the glitter of Hollywood quickly faded for her as she discovered a dark culture of late night and early morning partying with trust-fund babies, the offspring of celebrities, and industry execs, with drinking, drugs and predatory behavior. There were days when she couldn’t get out of bed and that’s when she re-discovered her love of utilizing songwriting as a form of therapy, She co-produced Midnight, a moody and cinematic pop record, with the support of producer, Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson) to shine the light on the underground.

The Vagabond Tales is a multi-instrumental music project that is centered around the songwriting of Eva Mikhailovna, lead singer and song writer.  Eva was born to a musical family in Russia and  began writing songs and lyrics as a child. She learned how to play the piano before she could read or write, but it was always just for her own pleasure and that of her family’s.  After  moving to California, an invitation to play some of her music at a local college led her to put together a band and live perform  her unique brand of western/old folk,/ragtime  melting pot music.  Recording soon followed,  and she  released  Letters From the Moon in 2013, and the EP La Douleur Exquise in2016.  Eva and the Vagabond Tales  is now touring in California. (Eva photos by Fernanda Frias)


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