Niva the Soul Diva & Mad Hawkes: a NYC RB queen and girrl power rock from SoCal

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New York-based Niva the Soul Diva is a singer, songwriter and performer known for blending R&B, rock, hip-hop, dance and soul and crowd-pleasing performances. A Houston, TX, native, Niva grew up in the rough part of Houston and moved to New York  for a career in the entertainment industry. In early 2008 she responded to an ad for a singer from the New Black Music production company and the rest is history.  Niva released her first full-length album, Rollercoaster Love, in 2010, with her debut single “I Will Make It” and released her sophomore album, Unrivaled in 2013. Currently she has several songs from her latest EP ” Life, Love & Music  on the 2018 Grammy Award ballot for a Grammy nomination while she is also in the studio working on her full album.

Mad Hawkes is a rock trio +1 from the South Bay region of LA, led by high-energy rock singer/songwriter Maddi Hawkes who is totally unafraid to say what she thinks in raw lyrics and dance-until-you-drown-in-sweat beats. While interning at Parts + Labor Records in Venice Beach, Maddie so immersed herself in songwriting that label owner/producer Jimmy Messer saw a rising talent so he encouraged her to tap into her truth and write with passionate, emotional honesty. She did and the rest is history – a history of songs that carom from angst to heartache, from dismal lyrics to upbeat melodies. And always, she is flaunting her flaws regardless of any judgement in a sound that she calls “Babe Rock” She released her first single, “Fantasy” Janauary of this year and the second single “Face Pnch” is out now.

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