Q&A: ReverbNation Competition Winners Victoria’s Flight

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For those people that haven’t heard of Victoria’s Flight could you tell us a bit about yourselves, your story?

We are an indie band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland – consisting of Matt Roberston and Craig Harkness. We originally met at school, then as a duo started writing songs a few years ago and began performing as a full band in the last couple of years.

Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

We played a few of our early songs at a couple of intimate gigs to our friends and family, and they asked us why we weren’t playing as a full band and taking our songs/sound to more people.

Which albums and artists have stuck with you over the years and influence your style?

Both of us have been influenced by a huge array of different artists and styles over the years. Everything from the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Prince and Stevie Wonder to Vampire Weekend, Blur, Paul Simon and War on Drugs.

Could you tell us a bit about the writing/recording of the ReverbNation Completion winning track “Riviera Cocktail”?

It was one of the very first songs we wrote for our first E.P. It came about while we were both on holiday in Marseille staying with a friend of ours who has been out there for a few years. While there, we realised that even amongst all the opulence and lavishness, the wealthy and elite were doing the exact same things as the people we knew back home – everything in excess, only in more expensive surroundings.

Do you have any plans to record and EP/album?

We are booked in to enter the recording studio to record an E.P at the start of the new year, with a view to dropping the release and touring in early 2019 – so keep an eye out for the release and tickets!

What is the most interesting venue you have performed at?

Probably King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow city centre. It has such an amazing history for a small venue and has had played host to some of the biggest acts in the world. The sound is also great and the atmosphere is always lively!

Here at Artistic Echoes we are always on the lookout for new artists do you have anyone to recommend?

Glasgow has an amazingly diverse and vibrant live scene, full of hugely talented young bands. One of our favourites is ‘St Clements’ – a quality young, lively band with a great vibey sound. They are releasing an E.P at the start of the new year – so check it out.
We also recently played at King Tuts with an amazing band from down south called ‘Anteros’. They are doing some big things right now so check them out too.

What do you think is missing from today’s music industry?

Honesty – in terms of musical integrity. There is also a lack of opportunities for up and coming band in terms of helping them launch their career, taking the next steps and helping them cement the chance to make a living.

What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

We will be concentrating on finalising our preparations to enter the studio in early January – making sure our songs are where we want them to be and focusing on pre-production to ensure our process is as streamlined and open to creativity as possible.

Find out more:

Intsagram: @victoriasflight

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