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Artistic Echoes 2018 Pop Artist Of The Year, Mike Bauer, is a Los Angeles District Attorney by day and a hard working musician by night. Where does his passion and drive for both professions come from? The simple answer, with a poignant and powerful story behind it, is his mother. That story, will be told by this author, in the near future, but for now, just know that Mike Bauer’s mother is tenderly woven throughout every good thing in his life.

Striving to be the man, his mother always believed him to be, Bauer has maintained his professional career, while putting his heart and soul into creating music. When asked why he is so hesitant to give up on his music, he replies, “I believe that art is a huge driving force in the collective intelligence of a society. If art is continually diminished into its most simplistic and commercial form, the standard becomes lower and lower. Real Instruments, thoughtful lyrics and prose with hidden messages and meanings. Real musicians that will expand my own boundaries and limitations as a creator. Those are the things I strive for every time I set out to write or record anything. I can only hope I have and will continue to meet those standards.”

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bauer moved to Los Angeles in 2005, to follow his dreams in law and music. In 2012, after taking a couple years off, Bauer graduated from law school, passed the bar and went to work for a local LA law firm. All while recording his first EP, Financial Aid Volume One.

By 2014, Bauer had landed his dream job at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and had released his first full-length LP, Financial Aid Volume Two, as well as several videos and singles, and had earned his first award – Hollywood Music In Media Best Male Vocal Performance for his single “One Piece at a Time.”

But 2014, also brought tragedy and soul-twisting heartache for Bauer, when his mother passed away unexpectedly. He put down his guitar and took a break from music, while he dealt with his loss. Finally, after many months of grief, he used his mother’s example – her triumphs over pain, tragedy and adversity throughout her life. to inspire him to not give up. And in early 2017, Bauer picked up his guitar again and began working on the final LP of the Financial Aid series.

He is also currently working on two singles, “Sky So Blue” and “Window Watching,” that will be released in 2019.  He continues to play the elite local clubs in L.A. area, like The Mint and Hotel Cafe and loves sharing the stage with other local artists. Bauer is also currently working with the local Red Cross to do a special holiday concert to benefit families who lost their homes in the recent California wildfires.

We asked Mike, how be juggles his two professions. He answered, thoughtfully, “As I get older and the trials get longer and more intense, I have certainly considered hanging up my guitar on the professional front and just strumming for myself when I do have some free time. However, as long as people want to listen, I will do everything I can to continue to create the best music I can with the best artists I can find. I love creating and I love putting out songs with a more sophisticated message than your typical pop song.”

Congratulations! Mike Bauer on being named Artistic Echoes 2018 Pop Artist Of The Year. As long as you keep making your amazing music, we will be listening!

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