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(Beverly Hills, CA) BINX is one of those people who is everywhere, and we are really glad she is.  A writer, model, online-media personality, multimedia talent and great pop songwriter and singer.  I have been following her, and her onstage persona The African Bee, for some time, starting with her breakout song, “Headlights” from her debut album Buzzed.   Her second song on the album “Shockwaves” moves the bar up even higher – it is exactly what the title says – it sends waves through listeners and venues. Each time I hear this song I get new images from the lyrics and the production.  She knows exactly how to catch the feeling of now while creating earworms that you want to sing over and over again. With lyrics like…

Shock Waves/Through my veins
I Vibrate through space with you/Sending
Shock Waves/In This Digi Date
Almost burnt out but you reboot – reboot

…coursing with electronic accents and her accent-tinged South African voice, BINX tells a compelling, musically addictive story.  Even better , when you see her live with her many costume changes that leave her in all her glory as The African Bee, you realize what a superb performer she is as well as a great songwriter.  She very much her own person; now with hints of early Lady Gaga and a touch of Cardi B,  BINX continues being everywhere with “Shockwaves”.

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“Shockwaves” is streaming on Spotify. Buzzed is available at

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