The Echoes – Songwriter Of The Year – Griffin House


Griffin House may be receiving the award for 2018 Artistic Echoes Songwriter Of The Year, but we want this award to acknowledge his entire career and pay tribute to the depth and breadth of this songwriter’s extraordinary library of work.

In a career that spans fifteen years, ten albums and the release of more than one hundred original songs, Griffin House, who currently makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and two young daughters, shows no signs of stopping.

House’s songs aren’t just poignant and relatable, they tell stories that make us laugh, cry and sing along. From the comical tune, “Colleen”,  off his 2013 album Balls, that perfectly describes the sexual angst of a young man, in the presence of a tempting woman, “I’m a fire-red cardinal, hanging outside in your tree. I wanna come peck on your window, if you know what I mean. Even little birds got needs, Colleen.”  To the tongue-in-cheek romp, “She Likes Girls”, whose title pretty much says it all, but the lyrics fill in the blanks, “So, If you’re gonna talk to her, then here’s a little pick up line. ‘I hear you like pretty women, that’s funny, so do I.’ So, if you want a girlfriend, I can understand. But if you want a boyfriend, then honey, I’m your man.”

House has gifted us with countless inspirational songs, like “Silver Line”, off his most recent album So On And So Forth, “Nothing’s ever black and white, there’s a little bit of dark in the light. And you can count on it, even in the blackest cloud, there’s a silver line.” And “New Day” from 2004’s  Lost & Found album, “I’ve been down. I’ve been broken by shame. I’ve been carving too shallow a meaning out of my name. That redemption may come like a wave over me. Run me still to the shore, pull me out of the sea. I will walk through my garden of roses that fade, and I’ll wait for the day that is done. I will do whatever it takes to believe, a new day will come.”

House also has words of wisdom woven throughout his lyrics. Just listen to “Go Through It”, where he reminds us that “You can never get around, what you’ve gotta go through.”  And “If You Want To” from the album The Learner  “If you wanna be the one to be loved, you’ve gotta be the one, giving it up.”  “When The Time Is Right” from Flying Upside Down, House’s 2007 release, speaks to our hearts with, “Doesn’t matter who you are. Doesn’t matter where you’ve been. Doesn’t matter where you start, only matters where you end.”

House writes of places, like “Amsterdam” and “Liberty Line” (Lost & Found), “Czech Republic” (Homecoming), “Paris Calling (Sweet Sensation)” (So On & So Forth). “Paris Calling” was in final production, when the Paris attacks took place in 2016. Griffin and his team decided to move up the release and then donated the proceeds to the victims. Watch the video for “Paris Calling,” here:

He turns his grandfather’s stories, into melodic tales like “I Remember (It’s Happening Again)” and “Guns, Bombs And Fortunes Of Gold.” And he’s a soulful romantic in, “Real Love Can’t Pretend”, “Better Than Love” and “Say I’m The One”, a single he wrote and released for his wife in 2015.

House’s songs have been featured in countless television shows, such as Brother’s & Sisters, One Tree Hill and Army Wives.  House continues his extensive tour, across the United States in early 2019, and is currently working on a new album with a scheduled release date later in the year.

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