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It’s been a while but I’m back, bringing you the latest news and reviews all about Xbox and I thought I’d bring it back with a review on one of Ubisoft’s biggest hits for next gen yet. At least while we wait for The Division to be released anyway…

The fourth installment of the Far Cry series has been out since November, and is one of the best Far Cry’s yet. The story is very like the rest of them, abandoned on a remote island where it is very sunny and there are a lot of people who want to kill you the only exception being Far Cry 2 which was a malaria simulator. Here you play the protagonist Ajay Ghale, a young Kyrati-American of Nepali origin who returns to his native country of Kyrat to spread his mother’s ashes. On the journey, you are stopped at a checkpoint and his bus is attacked by the royal army, after which you are picked up by Pagan Min, the country’s eccentric and violent king who claims to have been romantically involved with your mother. Following a dramatic rescue attempt from the Golden Path, you become the leader of a rebellion and the rest is history, well, fictional history anyway.

Far Cry 4 2

Much like the other games, this is a first-person shooter game set in a beautiful and dangerous open world. There are RPG elements as well, such as the ability to earn experience, to which you level up your character and gain new skills, but this is nothing new. What is new is the new massive variety of weapons that are available for use, including snipers, machine guns and rocket launchers with the inclusion of signature weapons such as a pistol crossbow. Of course, to carry these weapons you will need to craft pouches, which requires going out and hunting animals or completing special hunting quests to kill the elusive killer Honey Badger. There also feels to be a higher detail to the vertical aspect of the game, something I think the developers wanted to really showcase. There are flying gyrocopters now and a whole new grappling system that allow you to climb the toughest of mountains, all for you to either gain a tactical advantage on an enemy encampment or to admire the gorgeous views.

Far Cry 4 3

The map is very similar to that of Far Cry 3, you unlock more as you play through the story and there are enemy towers and camps to take back control of Kyrat and help the Golden Path push towards their goal of freedom. The enemies have become a lot tougher now to try and foil your attempts at freedom, one of the more annoying enemies being the hunters. These nasty red-hooded archers believe they are one with nature, taking control of nearby animals to attack you while they stealth in the bushes being unseen and taking pot shots with their arrows. Kyrat seems to be a whole lot more dangerous in general than the Rook Islands in Bangkok, even the wildlife wants your head. There is a whole bunch of new wildlife roaming around, including ride-able elephants, deadly Honey Badgers and blood-thirsty Demon Fish; all of which are worth killing and skinning for their precious and valuable hides.

Far Cry 4 4

Finally, they still have the PvP mode for those looking for a jungle based Call of Duty, but this time they have added a twist. They have literally divided the multiplayer into two different sides, the Rakshasa and the Golden Path. The Rakshasa, Pagan Min’s elite guards, have supernatural abilities where they can call animals into battle and are equipped with a deadly bow to which they can teleport using or equip with explosive of fire-burning ends. On the other hand, the Golden Path are equipped with an array of firearms and vehicles along with a huge stash of explosives. The 5v5 multiplayer has three different modes: A defend/capture the outpost mode, a defend/bomb the propaganda installations and a capture the Demon Mask from the middle of the map mode, all of which are high octane and trilling. The new multiplayer idea is fresh and if you’re looking for something different than who has the best reaction times then I would definitely recommend giving this a try, if not there is always the co-operative story mode.

Overall, although this game is basically another installment of the same thing, it feels different and new. The new map of Kyrat is stunning graphically and the storyline and characters are just as intense with some shocking in-game moments. If you’re a fan of the series, this is a must buy and co-op play makes it even better, if not then maybe wait until it drops in price first.



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