Brother Rock

Brother Rock is a comic strip from Randy Gabbard and Guy Gilchrist.


“I love working on Brother Rock! Being a Cartoonist and a songwriter, it’s right up my alley! The peace and love and rock ‘n’ roll message of this comic strip makes me want to draw it in an old time 1960s underground style! Rock on!”
— Guy Gilchrist
Cartoonist of Nancy, The Muppets and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Been thinking about the comic strip, almost from the founding of the band. With Brother Rock being a rock-n-roll avatar. What would it be like to have the music be a person who interacts with the world … sometimes good, sometimes … Uh What?  It was just a pipe-dream until Mr. Gilchrist brought it to life. And here it is … and we hope you catch the groove.”
— Randy Gabbard
Founder and Front guy of the band Brother Rock

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