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Q&A: Heart & Sold – Unrestricted, Unbridled Creativity, from artists who happen to have Down Syndrome

For readers that haven’t heard of it before can you tell us a bit about Heart & Sold? Yes of course.  Heart & Sold is an innovative art project that supports and promotes the work of some of the finest contemporary artists, who just happen to have Down Syndrome. We currently represent 34 painters, illustrators and photographers – all of whom create the most amazing work. The fact tha...[Read More]


  if you walk past the diner just after seven o’clock once dusk has bruised the pink peach flesh of the day and the taxi lights scream yellow murders outside the window you can see the waitress, now a cleaner, in her lime green smock, whirling and pirouetting through the air with her mop, a noble gas, a neon sign, dancing, slipping and scything through the empty spaces, fly free sweet jane do...[Read More]

The Queen is Dead

  LP sized memories at Sainsbury’s sealed in reflective cellophane, shocks my middle age.   I see the Morrissey quiff again, and lamb chop sideburns that were a bugger to keep straight.   Gatefold sleeve opened its arms to me and all other bedroom loners; I adored that voice of kitchen sink that whined and moaned and said life isn’t fair.   I can see a needle in the...[Read More]

How French Men Dress

It is well-known that Parisians generally have a better fashion sense than the rest of the world, and that they take their clothes seriously. No slacking off when it comes to dressing up to go out. So when going for a vacation to Paris, what do you pack and what do you leave out? There is no doubt that finding the right clothes for any occasion is a dilemma for women, and when it comes to vacation...[Read More]


In the beginning there was time But nobody knew it was there People went on without a care in the world Now day’s people are scared Because they are running on the clock I don’t think there is one person who hasn’t owned a watch   – David Aspey –

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