One Mama’s experiences living and parenting with PTSD

For those people that have not heard of you before could you tell us a bit about yourself your story? Yes, thank you for asking. I am a writer from the Pacific Northwest. I have been writing since, really, forever. Even before I could write I would tell stories with my dolls or favorite Disney characters, and then when I was five years old one of my aunts taught me how to write poetry so that I wo...[Read More]

I Can Swing Forever by Tracy Newman and friends: a magical gift to children and adults.

(Los Angeles).  Kids just wanna have fun — or at least that’s what remember from my childhood.  But they also want to explore and dance and sing and have friends  and sleep and dream. All of that is magically encased in a CD and sing-a-long coloring book produced by the mother-daughter team of Tracy Newman and Charlotte Dean, I Can Swing Forever. Tracy, who wrote for Cheers and Ellen and oth...[Read More]

What Dreams are Made Of? – An interview with Aoede

Artistic Echoes recently had the pleasure of interviewing Aoede (Lisa Sniderman) about her new story telling CD What Dream are Made Of? Could you tell us a little bit about your storytelling CD “What Dreams are Made Of”? Aoede’s award-winning musical story What Are Dreams Made Of? (WADMO) (Sep 2013) is a unique meld of magic, mythology and musical-an inventive work combining narr...[Read More]

Andy Kershaw added to Beverly Folk Festival Line Up

Broadcaster, writer, foreign correspondent … Andy Kershaw has established a reputation as a genuine pioneer in whichever discipline he turns his attention to. As a teenager, he was promoting major rock gigs at Leeds University. He was Billy Bragg’s driver and roadie one day, and presenting Whistle Test and Live Aid the next. A passionate music enthusiast, he’s a man with an obsessive c...[Read More]

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