#Songstories – One For The Kokonut – So Much Love

“When someone passes away there is a tendency for the rest of us to put that person on a pedestal and glorify them in a way that is not necessarily representative of the way they lived their life. When it comes to Ali, I truly believe this is not the case.” ~Ben Drysdale Ben Drysdale, frontman for the Australian band East Row Rabble met Alison  Colclough, whom he lovingly referred to a...[Read More]

LA/LA Land : Beychella and the Top Notch Recordings fire: triumph and tragedy.

Coachella weekends are usually a little quiet in LA.  The clubs  and venues are all open of course, and bands are playing in the usual places.  But a good bit of the music community – musicians, fans and executives, not to mention agents and media (except me) –  is frolicking in the desert.  The allure of Coachella was especially strong  this year because the BAF – Beyoncé Anticipation...[Read More]

The Most Sought After Jazz Guitarists In the Modern Day

With so many incredible guitarists in the jazz scene today, how do we whittle it down to any sort of numbered list? This is quite the undertaking, but I will attempt to give you 10 of my favorites and my reasons why. This list will be comprised mostly of players that I have been really into lately and is in no way a slight on any players not mentioned. With that said, here it is in no particular o...[Read More]

LA/LA Land : Alligator Beach packs Harvell’s: a perfect word of mouth storm

One of the great mysteries of the music business, at least to smaller bands, is how to get people to show up at gigs. Bands build mailing lists, post on social media, pass out gig flyers, run contests, hire PR firms, register with BandsInTown, and try to do advance radio shows.  For established bands with big fan bases, that is generally more than enough;  shows and tours get sold out. For smaller...[Read More]

LA/LA Land : Pop up EP and Poem Zine release (don’t mind the working factory across the street)

We have all been to pop-up concerts.  You know, you get a poster on Instagram or Twitter with a date, place, names of bands. The place is often in a sketchy part of the city, but what the hell, there will be lots of people there. I got a poster last week for a CD release party for Cusi Coyllur, a group I did not know. But I did know the intro band, ¡APARATO!, headed up by my friend Alexandro D. He...[Read More]

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