Unexplored : bringing gaming art into the light

Concept art is a key component in bringing any modern game to life. Long before anything is animated or a playable demo is created a host of painters and artists will work tirelessly to make the game designers vision a reality. Yet this concept art so regularly goes forgotten, mostly hidden away as collectible items or shown on the odd loading screen. The debate as to whether games are actually ar...[Read More]

LA/LA Land: Dive bars. You never know in LA

The land that is now Los Angeles County was originally claimed by Rodriquez Cabrillo in 1542, but it was not really settled until 11 Spanish families known as “Los Pobladores” arrived on Sept. 4, 1781 and began displacing the native Tongva and Chumaz peoples to build what they called “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula”.  Mercifully, over the ...[Read More]

LA/LA Land : Fire and Music in California; status report

We learned the brutal lesson this week that fire has no respect for fame or talent.  The two fires ripping across Southern and Northern California have leveled the lives of the famous, the up and coming, and the heroic. With the Woolsey Fire only 47% contained as I write this and the Camp Fire gobbling up another 5000 acres last night, it is far too early to take account of the devastation.  But o...[Read More]

LA/LA Land : The Gibson Showroom is back! Buy more guitars.

Earlier this year I wrote about the malaise in the guitar industry and that one result was that Gibson Guitar Brands, maker of the iconic guitars like the Les Paul and Epiphone and Baldwin Pianos filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. An immediate local impact of that was the closure of the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Beverley Hills, which doubled as a private music space for invitation- only industry eve...[Read More]

Making It In Musicals: Iconic Actors Who Used Their (Sometimes Hidden) Vocal Talent To Their Advantage

Actors who have made it to the big screen sometimes have other talents that they later utilize to gain other roles, showcase a talent, and reach a bigger or broader audience. Having the talent to sing is something that has helped actors to gain more recognition and be more versatile in Hollywood. Actors have used this to their advantage (and in some cases, their disadvantage) to establish a place ...[Read More]

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