The Echoes – Pop Song Of The Year – Binx with “Shockwaves”

(Beverly Hills, CA) BINX is one of those people who is everywhere, and we are really glad she is.  A writer, model, online-media personality, multimedia talent and great pop songwriter and singer.  I have been following her, and her onstage persona The African Bee, for some time, starting with her breakout song, “Headlights” from her debut album Buzzed.   Her second song on the album “Shockwaves” ...[Read More]

The Echoes – Pop Artist Of The Year – Mike Bauer

Artistic Echoes 2018 Pop Artist Of The Year, Mike Bauer, is a Los Angeles District Attorney by day and a hard working musician by night. Where does his passion and drive for both professions come from? The simple answer, with a poignant and powerful story behind it, is his mother. That story, will be told by this author, in the near future, but for now, just know that Mike Bauer’s mother is tender...[Read More]

The Echoes – Blues Artist Of The Year – Samantha Fish

“Everything I do is rooted in blues” ~Samantha Fish Samantha Fish may be Artistic Echoes’ 2018 Blues Artist Of The Year, but her musicianship goes far beyond the blues genre. From Chills & Fever, her soulful, obscure, 60’s R&B covers album, to the stripped-down, raw and emotional, Belle Of The West, it’s clear Samantha can’t be leashed to one genre. Releasing both albums in 2017 was a risk...[Read More]

LA/LA Land – Lodge Room: from our 20th century past to Doe Paoro right now.

“We are having sound problems so you will have to go around to the alley,” said the affable young man at the door of the building housing the Lodge Room in Highland Park. I had never been to the Lodge Room, although I had heard about it.  And I love Highland Park, an LA neighborhood with one foot in the millennial-21st century and the other in a gentler mid-20th century past.  ...[Read More]

Unexplored : bringing gaming art into the light

Concept art is a key component in bringing any modern game to life. Long before anything is animated or a playable demo is created a host of painters and artists will work tirelessly to make the game designers vision a reality. Yet this concept art so regularly goes forgotten, mostly hidden away as collectible items or shown on the odd loading screen. The debate as to whether games are actually ar...[Read More]

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