Schoolboys on the front bench

Jon Bercow announces the start of the process. After the usual formalities of the first question (in actuality just the phrase ‘Question number one’) and the Prime Minister announcing his duties for today, Prime Ministers Questions begin. A female MP from Brighton, Caroline Lucas, thanks everyone who has helped those affected by the recent floods. There are nods and sounds of agreement from the Ho...[Read More]

A Geek Speaks – The Book Thief Review

The Film, based on the book by Markus Zuzack, follows Leisel, a young girl living in Nazi Germany. Over the course of the film she becomes obsessed by books, and steals them, to share with those she loves. The introduction is the most visually beautiful bit of the film – a black train churning out thick grey smoke, travelling through a snow covered landscape. another scene at the beginning s...[Read More]

Last Band Standing, Channel MBC and Gigging

Our first weekly column has begun with Artistic Echoes and there’s not a better week to start. This week at Longevity Records has been a busy one. Channel MBC, who are a digital TV station based in Macclesfield, have been filming our day to day activity in the office, they are producing a documentary about our label with a focus on what we do and how an independent label works. They are mainly jus...[Read More]

Hope and Delusion at the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election…

  The Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election has just ended, with a sound victory from Labour, winning 55% of the vote. UKIP came in second with 18%. This result is better than previous by-elections for both parties, though the constituency is a Labour safe seat, meaning Labour was going to win anyway. However, Nigel Farage claims that this is not the simple by-election that it is, but rather ...[Read More]

Manchester Interdependent Record Label, Longevity Records, Begin their Weekly Column with a bit of About!!!

Hi, we are Longevity Records Label and we will be presenting a weekly column on what’s on and what’s going on in the Longevity Office. Longevity Records is an exciting DIY record label based in Manchester born with a simple mission, to get quality new music released without the usual big budget restrictions! Our ethos is simple, we strive to give bands & artists that elusive first stepping sto...[Read More]

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