Q&A : ReverbNation Competition Winner Hannah Larson

For those reader that haven’t heard of you before could you tell us a bit about yourself your story? I was born in South Dakota and I currently reside outside of NY.  I work at a hedge fund from 9-6, and I write music at night.  I’ve been writing music since I was about 15.  I started singing and taking piano as a young girl (age 6).  I wanted to be a dancer, but my parents signed me u...[Read More]

Interview: Cesar “Vampiro” Lopez and Hector Geronimo on their new band Monoplasma

The band Monoplasma is a fusion between three-time Grammy Award winner guitarist Cesar “EI Vampiro” Lopez, and chart-topping Spanish singer/songwriter Hector Geronimo. Vampiro played with iconic the Latin bands Maná, Jaguares, Azul Violeta.  Geronimo served as the front man of the enormously popular alternative Spanish rock trio, Moebio.  Together, they have created a unique, modern, indie rock so...[Read More]

Q&A: Reverbnation Competition Winner ESSIE

For those readers who haven’t heard of you before could you tell us a bit about yourself, your story? My name is Essie Laugharne and I perform, write and record music under the name ESSIE. I’m 23 years old and although I was born in Sheffield, I grew up from age 8 in Perth, Western Australia. After high school, I went on to study Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music on the...[Read More]

Q&A: Introducing Songdew Competition Winners Fame The Band

For those readers that have not heard of you before could you tell us a little bit about yourselves; your story? All of us grew up on common grounds in a small town in Meghalaya, India. Music has always been a strong background in the family and a bond between ourselves. Four years ago, Fame The Band started playing together but only concluded that that’s the only part of our lives that we w...[Read More]

Q&A: ReverbNation Competition Winners Altinak – It’s about to Kick Off

For our readers that have not heard of Altinak before could you tell us a bit about the band your story? The name comes from the eastern most star in Orions belt called Alnitak but we swapped the middle letters round to give Altinak. We formed in 2011 when we were all in 1st year of Linlithgow Academy. All four of us found ourselves in the music room of a local youth club and just hit it off. From...[Read More]

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