A conversation with Nurit Siegel Smith, new Executive Director of the Music Forward Foundation of the House of Blues

(Los Angeles) Nurit Siegel Smith is the new Executive Director of the Music Forward Foundation of the House of Blues, which contributes over a million dollars a year to music industry education.  Smith assumes leadership as Music Forward embarks on its 25th year. She is stepping into some pretty big shoes — over the past quarter century, Music Forward – formerly known as the House of Blues F...[Read More]

Lisa Sniderman, AKA Aoede the Muse, talks about her memoirs

(Los Angeles). One of the strongest women I know, and one who is renowned throughout the indie music community as “Aoede The Muse,”  is Lisa Sniderman.  She is an award-winning pop-folk singer, songwriter, artist, playwright, and author. Lisa has just released a memoir, A Light in the Darkness,  about a decade of creating music, plays, and performances in face of a debilitating disease...[Read More]

A conversation with Dream Pop star Whitney Tai.

(Los Angeles) Whitney Tai is a singer-songwriter who creates dream pop by walking on the razor edge of pop and indie, staying aloft with talent, honesty and integrity.  She is otherworldly but also totally authentic – what you hear is what she is. Tai lost her mother to cancer when she was 10 years old, surfacing health issues including severe anxiety and depression. But her mother’s memory inspir...[Read More]

Q&A: Wild Fruit Art Collective – Ghosts, Gloom Pop and Assorted Deities

For those reader that haven’t heard of Wild Fruit Art Collective could tell us a bit about the band, your story? We are currently barrelling down the m40 in our new tour vauxhall zafira with I love it by Kanye and Lil pump playing through a tiny USB speaker. Our drummer jake is submerged in all of our equipment and three days worth of chilli. Conor is driving for the first time ever and we a...[Read More]

Q&A : We interview Songdew Competition Winner Adbhutam

For those readers that haven’t hear of you before could you tell us a little bit about yourself your story? I am an Indian Classical Guitar player and composer from Kolkata, India. I am working on an Indo-Fusion Instrumental Project, Adbhutam, one of the leading instrumental bands in India. Our genre of music is best described as Indo Fusion Instrumental Music or Raga Rock Fusion. Who inspir...[Read More]

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