Y Not in Pictures by Thepicturedrome

Y Not Festival was a weekend packed full of incredible performances and here are photos from some of the best of them. All photos are courtesy of Thepicturedrome. To view more images visit

Pain and Power. X.ARI releases Dis. Order EP at Hollywood’s Sayers Club

(Hollywood) When we think of “healing music” what often comes to mind are the languorous strains of Steve Halpern or ragas for meditation.  That music can be healing, but they are not the only kinds of music that can restore us; there is music that can also turn personal pain into power, the power to defeat your demons, to live life no matter what, to shed fear.  This is what the electro pop singe...[Read More]

Blake Morgan’s tour with Tracy Bonham ends in Hollywood, but the beat goes on.

I could not think of a better pairing than Blake Morgan and Tracy Bonham.  That was evident last week at their final tour stop at Hollywood’s Hotel Café. The music was sublime, the stories were funny and the chemistry was perfect. It’s easy to see why the tour was sold out – twice.  So many Angelinos wanted tickets to see this New York combo that the original Second Stage on the Hotel ...[Read More]

Musical Magic in a power plant with Nancy Sanchez for Valentine’s

(Los Angeles) The Edison is one of LA’s more upscale and quirky music venues.  Designed by DTLA urban renewal developer  Andrew Meieran and run by the entertainment entrepreneur Barbara Jacobs, it is situated inside LA’s first privately-owned power plant, underground in the sub-basement of the Higgins Building, constructed in 1910. It retains parts of the generators and other mechanical marvels of...[Read More]

PST LA/LA concert at the Hollywood Bowl – three headliners, one message: Latin pride.

(Hollywood) Las familias lined up early at the entrance gates to the Hollywood Bowl Sunday night. Padres, madres, niños and niñas, abuellos and abuelas and many, many amigos and amigas.  Some carried picnic baskets and cold chests, some carried delicious smelling shopping bags, others were planning their orders of gourmet dinners and wine from the roving waiters inside. The air was filled with exc...[Read More]

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