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Nancy Sanchez: a new album and a new direction

LA Music Critic 2017 Nominee Nancy Sanchez is a singer-songwriter with a gifted voice and distinct lyrics.  She is known as a superb jazz singer but she also mixes pop and jazz and Latin and other genres into her repertoire.  With musical influences that include Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Feist, Paul Simon and Billy Joel,  Sanchez is well prepared to use music and lyrics to chronicle the bitte...[Read More]

Ale’ is back with a new album and it is even better than “Irregular Heartbeat”

ALE’ (aka Ale’ Gonzales Gomez) is a multifaceted, multi instrumental singer/songwriter/producer who grew up in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles and listened to and played punk, electronica, Latin music, rock – the whole gamut of sound LA is famous for.  He learned how to produce, to assemble a band of outstanding players, and to write and sing in both English and Spanish. ...[Read More]

Carla Sariñana talks to us between shows about the Silver Rose Project.

During the Spring and Summer months of 2015, Carla Sariñana spent 6 months living in Los Angeles. It was here that the Silver Rose project developed as a way to address a long-term love of the Shoegaze Dream Pop genre and 1970s style and glamour. With 10 years as co-founder, songwriter and bass player for the rock band ‘Ruido Rosa’, Silver Rose expresses the beauty and grace of the female essence....[Read More]

Cecilia Nöel : a force of nature on screen, on stage and in your earbuds.

Cecilia Nöel is a performer, songwriter, producer, bandleader, mentor, and force of nature.  A Peruvian native who is now an LA institution with her band The Wild Clams,  she has surrounded herself with top LA talent that reflects her passion, flamboyance, and the salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and Afro-Cuban influences in her music. Her most recent album, Havana Rocks,  took Cecilia to Havana to record...[Read More]

DLD brings their arena-filling rock from Mexico to the US

With 6 studio albums and jam-packed concerts in major venues and arenas in Mexico and the US, DLD is one of the most important rock bands in Mexico and are making a splash in the Latin music world in the USA. in early 2017. Founded in 2003 under another name, the band adopted the letters, DLD in 2009 after multiple hits, albums, and sold out tours on both sides of the border, including a packed ho...[Read More]

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