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Fernanda Ulibarri: bi-lingual Electro Pop – there is nothing like it!

Fernanda Ulibarri is a LA-based Mexican-American singer, songwriter and actress who currently fronts the electro pop ALM band, Uli and the Mexican Standoff. She graduated from the famed Berklee College of Music with a BA in Music Synthesis and Classical Composition, moved to New York where she developed her Electro Pop style with a band Uli and the Gringos, playing for 5 years in New York Alt Lati...[Read More]

Crisia Regalado of Sin Color joins us with a new song, album preview

Crisia Regalado is one-half of the is South Los Angeles -based  duo Sin Color that transforms traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes. Along with her partner, guitarist David Aquino and the band members, they have become a fixture in LA clubs and venues.  Driven by Crisia’s opera-trained voice and the amazing guitar chops of David Aquino , the band mixes  bossa nova, cumbia, and disco wit...[Read More]

Eugene Toale, go-to producer for ALM in LA joins us

Eugene Toale, a Grammy-nominated engineer for his work with Kanye West and the Wu Tang Clan, is an important driver of the burgeoning American Latino Music fusion revolution going on in Los Angeles. He has produced iconic fusion bands like Las Cafeteras, Mariachi Manchester ĮAPARARTO!, and Viento Callajero and serves as a node in the growing web of bands, venues, producers, agents and media now de...[Read More]

¡Aparato! releases it first Post-punk, ethereal rock album on MúscaFusionLA.

This we talk with ¡Aparato! is a post-punk , socially conscious ethereal rock band from LA that performs with traditional Mexican@ instruments and beats and creates music from a socially conscious and heavily philosophical point of view while it rocks raucously on stage. The band will release its latest album Huastech 3000 on MúsicaFusionLA.. Tune in live or download as a podcast at blogtalkradio....[Read More]

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