Light Made Solid – Poetry Begins

For our first featured poet (I’m not sure that I really count as I am the site editor) I have chosen Ben Mellor and a poem of his called Poetry Begins from a book entitled Light Made Solid. I chose this poem as I discovered him at Macclesfield writers group when I borrowed the book and writers groups are a perfect place for poets to begin. Ben Mellor won the 2009 BBC 4 radio National Poetry ...[Read More]

Featured Poets and Events

Here we will feature poets and poetry events. Eventually there will be a listing of all the poetry events, competitions, writers groups that we can find but for now I though that I would post one of my own: Creativity The characters patrolled his mind they were confined, in a tiny area, like animals in a zoo they longed to roam free. They remembered a time long ago when they were occasionally allo...[Read More]

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