Carlos Sé’s debut EP introduces the Sé Sound of East LA.

(Los Angeles) Carlos Sé, a friendly East LA roquero singer/songwriter with a light touch on the guitar and a knack for clever penetrating lyrics, handed me a copy of his debut EP Ready or Not, Here  I Come a few weeks ago at a Dia de los Muertos event and I am still playing it.  The EP’s six songs are easy to listen to and quickly get under your skin. Playing a  blend of reggae, rock, and Latino f...[Read More]

Violet Days Made in My Head and we feel it all over. Album review.

Violet Days’ music  has always been addictive.  This Swedish collaborative project made up of singer-songwriter/artist Lina Hansson and renowned producer Kris Eriksson knows exactly how to create earworms that stay with you.  Happily, Violet Days just released their debut EP, Made in My Head, produced by Eriksson. It may have been made their heads, but it joyfully inhabits my dance muscles and ear...[Read More]

Fragile by Sam Ravenna – a top of the playlist debut album.

(Los Angeles) I couldn’t resist Sam Ravenna’s new album, Fragile which  picks up where his last releases left off, but is more diverse musically – making it even more interesting.   Fourteen perfectly crafted songs that seamlessly blends hip hop, electro funk, jazz, R&B  into music that not easy listening, but definitely easy to listen to. Released October 19, Fragile represents Ravenna’s use ...[Read More]

Nancy Sanchez’s Angel Baby video: a musical touchstone for America

(Los Angeles) It is hard to make me cry at a music video, and even harder to make me introspective. I see so many of them and so many of those I see are very good, but they don’t touch my crying nerve and they don’t stop me in my psychic tracks.  Now one has. “Angel Baby”,  just released by Nancy Sanchez makes me cry and has set off a wave of introspection about myself and my country that is unsto...[Read More]

Midnight by Joy Autumn. a lifetime of emotion compressed into six brilliant songs

(Los Angeles) Listening to Joy Autumn’s debut EP Midnight is a mystical, interior experience.  She brings you into the sunrise of her emotional life, her early morning disappointments, her dashed dreams and her hopes.  Autumn’s voice is vulnerable and steel-strong at the same time, with a curl that pierces you like a minor note.  Her lyrics paint  pointillist, tear-stained pictures — lights ...[Read More]

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