Unexplored : bringing gaming art into the light

Concept art is a key component in bringing any modern game to life. Long before anything is animated or a playable demo is created a host of painters and artists will work tirelessly to make the game designers vision a reality. Yet this concept art so regularly goes forgotten, mostly hidden away as collectible items or shown on the odd loading screen. The debate as to whether games are actually ar...[Read More]

How The Internet Has Changed Learning Guitar

Technology has revolutionized the way that people interact with music. You can now listen to music in your car, on your phone, and on a whole host of smart devices. You can create your own music stations or have apps suggest music for you based on your listening preferences. It has never been easier to get high quality music. This easy access to quality music has made more and more people want to ...[Read More]

Solving Classical Music’s Streaming Conundrum

Over the last few years, streaming has almost entirely revolutionised the way that the majority of us listen to music. As physical sales have declined, digital streaming has risen dramatically to take their place. New releases by major stars such as Beyoncé and Drake were streamed up to 300 million times during their first week of release alone, and streaming revenue overtook both physical sales a...[Read More]

Three major trends driving UK gaming revealed

There’s no denying the ever-growing interest in gaming in the UK. In 2016, the industry was worth a record £4.33 billion[1] – a notable 1.2% growth from 2015. What’s more, the industry is estimated to grow by a massive 7.8% by the end of 2017.[2] With no question about the enduring popularity of gaming, Currys PC World took a closer look into the UK gaming scene. Using the YouGov Profiles tool, wh...[Read More]

YouTube Highlight – In A Heartbeat

This week I bring you a stunning short film about love, peer pressure and hope. The short animation, created by college students Beth David and Esteban Bravo, sees one closeted boy trying to hide this crush on another boy despite his heart bursting out and chasing the other boy. The first thing that strikes me is the music, which is very emotive and touching throughout. It works to convey the mood...[Read More]

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