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Do I Have ASMR?

In this article, I’m looking into something that has become a genre in its own on YouTube in recent years and that is ASMR, which is explored in this video from AmazingPhil. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is an experience of a static-like or tingling sensation that flows down the body – starting at the scalp – and is triggered by whispering and soft tones, sounds and visuals ...[Read More]

#DAPGOOSE – The Dan and Phil Go Outside On Stage Event

YouTube is big now. No one can deny that. Its commercialisation has meant a select group of youtubers have made it work, sustained a living from it and gained celebrity status. One duo is Dan Howell and Phil Lester, who are probably amongst the longest running youtubers who have been propelled to stardom. First came a radio show on Radio 1 and now world tours, book deals and a film elusively avail...[Read More]

Donald Trump Lies Uncovered! Presidential Debate 2016

The time has finally arrived! The run up to the US Presidential Election has started and somehow beyond any sense of credibility Mr Trump is running for president. This video from Riyadh K discusses the recent first election debate, adding a very welcome comedy outlook on the proceeding. As Riyadh and various examples over the last months have shown, Trump is liar and manipulator. Saying what he t...[Read More]

Cityscape Vs Landscape: Hong Kong by Alex Barnes

This weeks YouTube Highlight Cityscape Vs Landscape: Hong Kong comes from Alex Barnes, a British YouTuber currently working in Hong Kong, showcasing the landscapes via the drone technology. The video is very beautiful and well produced showing how the use of a drone can help achieve shots that were once only able to do be done by professional studios. It shows how far YouTube and its creator have ...[Read More]

My Suicide Attempt: Six Years Later

So it’s been a while, but I’m back! For me, what I think makes YouTube is the truthful videos around tough emotional and mental health issues that can often help to connect people and make them feel understood. This time I’m talking of Cole Ledford’s video about this suicide attempt six year ago. As you would expect this must have been a hard video to make and watch. Hearing him describe how he fe...[Read More]

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