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After its astonishing announcement at E3, I somehow managed to get my hands on the Battlefield Hardline Beta, which allowed me to access and play the two different game modes that have been released so far. After playing a game of each gamemode, this is what I thought…

Battlefield Hardline 1

Firstly I played the Blood Money mode, where there is one main pile of cash that both the cops and the criminals have to steal from. Money can also be stolen from each other’s trucks after you have placed your hard earned cash in the back of it. This lead to my first problem, because the cops just set up tent at our van and waited for us to put the money in so they could take it right back out again. After a while we realised our efforts to steal the money was futile, so we took a page from their book and stole a couple of grand from their van using an armoured truck with a minigun as transport. I decided to go for the operator class, which consist of the typical medic and assault rifle combination with a baseball bat for good measure, although I never got to use it because melee seems to play no role in the game apart from backstabbing. As a first class to choose, it was relatively easy to get a grasp of and I was soon unloading lead into cop’s faces. The combat was similar to that of all battlefields, which was a shame but I wasn’t really expecting a massive change if I’m honest. After running about and collecting money, I heard a man’s voice through my earpiece shout “The crane’s coming down!”, to which I looked up to find a huge crane falling down to land flat on my head. Needless to say I found myself embarrassingly respawning back at base just in time to see the last money bag go into our van and claim a victory! Having only stolen on bag of money and a k/d of 1 to 4 though, I commend my team for doing all the work without me!

Battlefield Hardline 2

After the rush of this first match I decided I would get into the second match straight away, which is called Heist. In this mode the two teams are playing a game of cops and robbers, quite literally, as the criminals have to steal some cash and escape with it and the cops have to… well, kill them I guess. I was on the cop team and I decided to switch class at this point to the professional, which included a sniper, a TEC-9 submachine gun and some trips mines. After being blown up for the first time from taking an elevator up and falling onto an enemy trip mine, I decided to find another sniping spot. It was here I found a teammate waiting in another armoured SUV with a turret. I drove him up to a vantage point where he and I rained bullets onto the criminals from above, racking up kills and halting the criminals in their tracks. It was here I racked up an amazing 4 kill streak (hint of sarcasm?) by outsniping another sniper and picking off stragglers that my friend’s turret hadn’t quite demolished. I got bored after a while though and wandered off away from the fighting to explore the massive city we had been put in and ended up completely lost because of the expanse of this one map! After hearing through my earpiece the enemy had almost got away because they had jumped in a heli and nobody on our team knew how to launch a rocket, I decided I should get back into the action quickly. Minutes before our defeat though I found a criminal driving a car around town badly, which surprised me because I thought it was surprisingly flowing for the view and chaos around you. After he crashed into several parked cars right in front of me, I unloaded a full clip of my TEC-9 into his face and the defeat sign came soon after. To end my second match on a loss but with a 5 to 1 k/d, I was pretty darn proud.

Battlefield Hardline 3

Overall, the game was just as awesome as everyone had imagined with the destructive and vast environment with lots of car crashes and the new style of gameplay for EA and Visceral. When you get a cooperative team the games works perfectly, as you are able to pull off prefect heists and the physics are awesome in game, with plenty of car crashes. I did feel it was a bit hectic though, with a lot going on at once sometimes and it took me a while to accustom to the new map and its size and the different style of gameplay and I also hope they add more than one map at the end product. But overall it was a great game and did I mention there were car crashes?



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