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Destiny 1

Recently, Bungie has released the beta for the next big sci-fi shooter, and I couldn’t resist getting hands on with this massive futuristic masterpiece. After Bungie decided to pass the baton over to 343 Industries, who will deliver the next of the Halo series, we were sure that they would come out with a piece de resistance and it was announced close to E3 2013 with some demo footage following up at the event itself. After about an hour of playing on this game, I knew my destiny… alright that one was bad.

Destiny 3

Destiny is set seven hundred years in the future after Earth has experienced its Golden Age. Through this there have been advancements in technology which has led to deep space exploration and the human race populating planets in the Solar System. Suddenly, all went to hell and the only survivors left were those on Earth protected by “The Traveler”. This is where the Guardians come in, one of which is you. You have been created to protect what remains of Earth and also to restore “The Traveler” to its full power and potential, in return it giving you the unknown power called “The Light”. Seems like a pretty small task right, defending not only Earth but a white spherical floating thing.

Destiny 2

Never the less, the Guardians have a choice of three races which are the obvious Human race, the Awoken and the Exo. The character customisation is amazing, allowing you to make your character however you want. Of course there are some limits and a Kinect-built facial recognition system wouldn’t go amiss, but if you want to create a transformer then go for it, want to make yourself but blue then go for it. I found it very ‘Mass Effecty’ with the customisation, with the addition of extra colour customisation. After this you can choose a class to accompany your racial choice. The classes available include Hunters, Warlocks and Titans, these all being pretty self-explanatory. The Hunters are basically the bounty hunters; they are skilful and fast with dead-eye accuracy, brilliant if you want to pretend to be the next Jango Fett. Warlocks specialise in the combination of weapons and powers, allowing you to evolve into the magic side of the game. Finally, the Titan is like the tank of the Guardians, focusing on heavy weapon and melee damage whilst trying to take as little as possible at the same time. The RPG style character comes with an inventory as well, to which you can store different weapons for later use, different armour and, more importantly, you can access the level up screen where you can advance in your skills.

Destiny 4

Using this character, you will focus your aims on the main questline, which is no problem at all until it starts getting crazy. The main hub shows you only some of the players online at the moment, and any of these could end up joining your game without you even knowing. And it works both ways as well, with you just carelessly wandering across a plain of Fallen when you see a fellow guardian struggling for his life. After helping him out, you may find yourself completing the mission and defeating the boss with the help of your new companion. The MMO factor of the game isn’t new, but it certainly feels like it is when applied to a game like destiny and it only makes me long for the release sooner.



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