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Liberation 1

Ubisoft’s PlayStation Vita exclusive was released earlier this year for the Xbox Marketplace, the first assassin’s creed game where there is a playable female protagonist, but was it worth bringing to home consoles or is it just another blow from Ubisoft’s hidden blade?

In AC Liberation HD you play as the new assassin Aveline de Grandpre, who is of African descent but is currently living in 18th Century Louisiana. You have been sent on a mission by Agate to assassinate de Ulloa and eliminate all Templar presence in New Orleans, although this isn’t described well in the game. You find yourself starting out as a kid trying to find your mum, something that has little relevance other than the fact you become an orphan and then adopted years laterafter a huge time lapse in the game. Then the real part starts as you find yourself a member of one of the wealthiest families at the time, but don’t get used to it.

Liberation 2

There are a couple of features introduced in the game that are new and are pretty fun to play around with, one being the new chain kill mode. Here you can pause time as you openly select multiple enemies to massacre if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation or your sadistic side comes out to play. As overpowered as this move is, there is the drawback that you have a chain kill bar that need to be filled in order to perform this, and if I’m honest, I have no idea how to fill this it justkinda happens…

Liberation 3

Another cool feature is the ability to change outfit to suit certain situations, for example you need to infiltrate a mansion and kill the Templar inside. You could sneak in as a slave and pretend to cook for the party, going through the kitchen and then for the kill. Or you could dress up for the party, bribe and sweet talk your way to the room of your awaiting victim and go about it that way. Or of course you could always just run in with you assassin outfit on, pop a couple of guards from a distance with your gun, take the rest out with your sword and slide your hidden blade into the Templar’s throat. Each outfit has its own notoriety system as well with different ways to increase your anonymity when it gets too high.

These new features don’t quite make up for the lack of multiplayer and the poor quality of the graphics as well, and the storyline is a bit repetitive. It is more of a piece of DLC rather than a game in its own right, even if it is only on the marketplace and the game feels like it goes on for way too long. Not a bad addition to the series but not a great one either, it certainly won’t be winning any game of the year awards anytime soon.



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