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AC Unity 1

We are finally back after ages of inconsistency and lack of writing, and I will be posting regularly once again. We’re kicking this new spamming of weekly articles with the brand new next-gen Ubisoft game, Unity. Looking past all the bugs and glitches, the game has its ups and downs, so after finally getting my next gen console, I managed to get my hands on this free-running, historically correct assassin game.

In this installment of AC, you play the character Arno, a Frenchman born in Versailles to an Assassin father. After your father is killed, you spend the rest of your time joining and fighting for the Creed in order to get answers to your dad’s murder and hopefully avenge him. As of most AC games, there is of course a love interest. Elise De LaSerre meets Arno at the very start of the game and their bond grows stronger as the plot thickens, but her dark secret is that she is a Templar, DUN DUN DUNNN!! The story continues to bind modern life and assassin animation together with use of Abstergo Industries and a fellow hacker who guides you through the game, helping you with interesting rifts that appear and take you to occupied Paris and Medieval France.

AC Unity 2

As much as it is a shame to say, this AC isn’t much different gameplay-wise as any of its predecessors. Yes, there are a couple of new noticeable features that stand out, such as the use of Phantom Blades, which use a crossbow mechanism to fire hidden blades to silently kill enemies with accuracy. The combat system has been upgraded, or downgraded as some might see it, to a fairer system where not everything can be dealt with by reversals. Your broad selection of weapons now allow for a lighter and faster option or a heavy and damage dealing option, all of which with strengths and weaknesses and it also calls for tactical decisions, such as knowing when a fight is lost and just booking it out of there. This means that some areas won’t be accessible early in the game because you may feel under-leveled and end up getting one-shot-killed. The parkour is also a lot more fluent now with the beautiful system of free-running downwards, and the whole thing just looks so much better and less clunky now.

AC Unity 4

The talking point of this game was, of course, the ability to play co-operatively. This is easier said than done, as you feel less co-ordinated when playing online with randomers, but when you start your club or join one with friends, you can have a lot fun performing dual assassinations and completing heists together, which is further than GTA V has gotten. After playing one or two, you get the hand of it and you are able to unlock sweet pieces of armour and new weapons that will help with the campaign, as well as those all-important ability points you need to unlock the surprisingly useful lock picking skill among others. Although I do miss the PvP multiplayer, this is just as good of a substitution and really brought a new angle to the game, if only the Fallout games could do the same.

AC Unity 3

Finally, there are some huge drawbacks that need sorting. You have probably heard of game breaking bugs, which is a definite problem. I have had many, which have all been recorded and uploaded to my Xbox profile, of me falling through the floor, hovering mid-air and just generally getting stuck in unusual places and in even more bizarre positions. Among this there are just waaayyyy too many side quests that are all very similar in task and there is also some controversy over the lack of female characters, something which the developers said would need over 8,000 more animations to include. Overall it’s not a bad game and kept me entertained for a good few weeks I would advise you to find a cheap version of the game and buy it as it certainly isn’t worth the £50 odd you might pay for it, but its comes in a bundle with most Xbox One’s now anyway…



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