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Evolve 1

It has been just over a week after Turtle Rock Studios released their brand new asymmetrical first-person shooter game about hunting and taking down huge space monsters. Because I’ve not had the chance to play the game hands on, instead I’ve decided to interview someone who has, let’s see what he thinks!

What were your original thoughts before you bought the game?

“It looked like an interesting game pre-release, but I didn’t want to let it get too hyped for me and so didn’t think about it until release, that way there were some surprises when I actually bought the game.”

Evolve 2

Now that you own the game, has anything changed?

“Now that I own the game it feels like more of a hide-and-seek game, as the monster cannot easily engage with the hunters until it is level 3. I was hoping for an all-out battle showdown, just like the tank battles in Left 4 Dead 2.”

The multiplayer aspect, has it lived up to expectations or are there falldowns?

“I have no multiplayer experience yet, instead I have been leveling unlocks in single player so I’m the last monster when I eventually enter the online mode. The first monster is a brawler, the second is an artillery beast, and the last is a ninja.”

Evolve 3

As with every first person shooter, there is always going to be something that is slightly over powered. Is that the case with Evolve?

“I’ve not had a massive amount of experience but due to the amount of unlocks and characters with set equipment, I feel each character has their own strengths and flaws. Daisy the trapper dog is annoying as she is an extra character that one of the trapper  characters has and can automatically sniff out and find the monster while reviving players who are down, although the monster can swim in water to lose their scent.”

How is it to play as the monster?

“The monster is like a scared child at first that needs to run from the hunters and hide while eating to evolve, if successful however it can get to level 3 and become almost unstoppable for the hunters who can only stay at their current player level.”

Overall what would you rate the game out of 10?




Thanks to Stuart Wilson for answering the questions!



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