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Having recently completed Prototype 2, my opinion on who were the wonder-developers Radical has changed significantly. After the release of the first game in the series in 2009 where you played the stone-cold Alex Mercer, I absolutely loved the game and couldn’t wait for a sequel. The problem was, the sequel took three years to be released and it looked dire. I waited for a price drop and eventually bought it, but wielding massive mutant blades and consuming unaware scientists never really felt the same again.

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Prototype 2 is an open-world action-adventure video game where you play the character James Heller. Heller was a U.S. Marine touring in Iraq whilst the pandemic of the original occurred, only to come back and find his family gone and a new found vengeance for Alex Mercer. He joins Blackwatch, the organization responsible for the creation of the virus and now the ones responsible for stopping it, in order to get close to Mercer, but in a turn of events Mercer actually ends up infecting Heller, giving you all the abilities you need in order to find your daughter and finish both Heller and Blackwatch once and for all. Heller gains the ability to consume most living beings to assume their identity and memories, superhuman parkour power that enable him to fun up walls, glide through the air and jump over buildings and he also gains the power to shapeshift his hands into power mutant weapons that include giant solid fists, tendrils, claws and a massive shiny blade. Along with this, you can gain something known as mass when you consume enemies, which builds up to unleash a powerful Devastator attack the pretty much kills everything around you or to summon and control a pack of Brawlers to fight for you. This is the most fun you will have with the game as the story is repetitive and elongated and the fighting is mostly button mashing with the occasional timed sequence.

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In term of actual gameplay though, there is a handful of things to do apart from the main story line. Usually there is a side quest that will include you hacking into a Blackwatch terminal and ruining some Blackwatch soldier’s day in some form or other. These are slightly entertaining because they switch up the task you have to do each time, sometimes collecting fallen supply drops under timed conditions or sometimes having to take down a whole Blackwatch command centre. There are also Crackdown-esque collectibles to find, the three begin Blackboxes, Lairs and Field Operations. Starting with Blackboxes, these are extremely boring and time consuming as all you are doing is looking around the map for a dead Blackwatch soldier who is flashing red. The Field Operations are not much dissimilar either, with you looking around the map and then slaughtering three scientists and 3 soldiers in a matter of seconds. Finally, the Lairs are the most fun as you are put inside an underground lair and told to wipe it of all lifeforms, the problems being that the layout is overused and there are only 9 of these as oppose to 45 Blackboxes. All these give you certain upgrades and those all important achievement if you want 100% completion and sometimes, when you are running around the city, you may also see side-events that may include you consuming a person or mutant in order to get an upgrade on a skill.

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That is pretty much all I have to say about Protoype 2, if you haven’t got the idea already, in my opinion it wasn’t as good as it should have been. There should have been way more features in the game including different powers, a more improved stealth mode and combat, better graphics for the game and better graphics and dialogue for the story and an online multiplayer PvP mode wouldn’t go amiss either. For a game that took more than three years to make, it felt rushed and unprofessional, and as much as I love the series, it’s going to take one hell of a sequel to get me to invest in Radical again.



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