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Ahhh, the phrase Easter Eggs brings a smile to anybody’s face right? Well, since its Easter I’ve decided to treat you guys to my top 20 Easter Eggs in games (with a little help from some friends). For those who don’t know, this page isn’t going to be filled with ball shaped chocolate, what I mean by an Easter Egg here is the type that was derived from the hunt that the yummy eggs cause on Easter. They can be an intentional joke, a hidden message or a hidden feature put in by the developers, purely because they can and it spurs a lot of interest from gamers everywhere. Some of the games in my list include more than one, some a whole games worth of Easter Eggs, so without further ado, let’s get into these scrumptious secrets!

  • Easter Eggs 1Halo 3 – Family of Monkeys Some games are renown for the amount of secrets and Halo 3 is certainly one of them, and probably one of the first Easter Eggs I experienced myself. What spurred me to look for Easter Eggs in Halo 3 were the family of monkeys hidden in one of the first levels, it was so interesting it lead to me doing multiplayer to show my friends and we even found a way out of the map from there; this had to be number one for me. Halo has loads more though with special dialogue and even a 2D half-naked guy in a towel!


  •  GTA 4 – Liberty Heart This is the most known Easter Egg people know, and you can see why when you enter the creepy door in the Statue of Liberty and climb the ladder to see a live and beating heart. It’s no wonder the developers put on the door “No Hidden Content this way”.


  •  Mortal Kombat – Ermac Easter Eggs 3Actually a huge misunderstanding, Ermac is one of the most controversial Easter Eggs in any game. Originally a rumour that he there was a secret character in the game because ERMAC was listed underneath the ‘Reptile Missions’ in the menu, leading to the community thinking that it was a secret character. Because it was so hyped and talked about, in Mortal Kombat II Ermac actually became a playable character.


  •  Minecraft References Minecraft is such an influential and large franchise now that many games like to add little hints towards the game in appreciation, such as the Notched Pickaxe in Skyrim and the Minecraft weapon in Borderlands 2. There have also been references in games such as Torchlight 2, Choplifter HD, Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, Team Fortress and Faster Than Light.


  • Easter Eggs 5 Battlefield 4 – Megalodon A long awaited Easter Egg that was so hyped and secret that the developers had to hint in interviews about the giant shark known as the Megalodon in the multiplayer map ‘Nansha Strike’. Among this epic secret there have been hints at dinosaurs through the game and its series, a literal bask of Easter eggs and references to DICE and their past games.



  • Call of Duty – Nazi Zombies Amongst several Nazi Zombie modes being actual Easter Eggs such as the very first version which is unlocked after the story completion and Dead Ops Arcade which is activated through the console in the start menu, Nazi Zombies itself holds many secrets for gamers to enjoy. One of the massive ones is the teddy bears in the map Der Riese on CoD: WaW, teddy bears being a huge theme throughout the series. Oh, and for the brave there are several jump scares through sniper scopes, just remember to crank that volume down!


  • Saints Row 2 – Cabbit This might not be known to many gamers that didn’t play the Saints Row series, but for those who did then there no way to can forget this one. After taking a boat in to the ocean and following a pattern of islands, the giant pink bunny-like creature arises from the depths of the oceans, only to be shot and to sink again. The Cabbit, originally from the game Summoner, has made many cameo appearances in other Violition games including the rest of the Saints Row series and especially in the secret in Red Faction: Armageddon – but more about that later.


  • Easter Eggs 8GTA V – UFOs and Aliens Grand Theft Auto has a weird obsession for the supernatural, and aliens are no exception. In the latest GTA, there are several encounters of the third kinds, including a really difficult UFO appearance on top of a mountain. Along with this there are some frozen aliens in the first mission of the campaign and a whole triangle of secrets including the jetpack, weird huh?


  • Gears of War 3 – Golden Chicken Probably one of the most random and least game related Easter Egg of all, it’s the giant golden chicken in Gear of War 3. After shooting a few pipes coming out the top of the roof in Act 1, Chapter 1 and a chicken pops out. After shooting this chicken for who knows why, it grows into a massive golden fire-breathing chicken that tries to kill you. On top of this, there are character changing glitches, the ability to angrily kick a vending machine and you can even go down a slide.


  • Just Cause 2 – Lost Island Remember the TV series ‘Lost’? Turn out the developers of Just Cause 2 were big fans and decided to have an island dedicated to it, named ‘Hantu Island’. You can find this island in the coordinates X:2170; Y:1420, and if you fly a plane over it, the engines fail and you come crashing down to find yourself stranded on the island, sound familiar. The coordinate system in Just Cause 2 lead for Easter Eggs to easily be exploited to the community after they had been found, leading to a mass array of hidden beauties like references to ‘I Am Legend’, the ‘Black Smoke Monster’ from ‘Lost’ and even a giant footprint supposedly from ‘Godzilla’.


  • Left 4 Dead 2 – The Jukebox You would think that a zombie game would have references to zombie related things, right? Well, then you would be correct as L4D2 probably has the most, and a big one is the playable jukebox in the DLC The Parish in Act 1. Amongst other songs, the John Coulton zombie themed song ‘Re: Your Brains’, along with a horde of zombies when you hit the chorus. And, if you’re in the light-hearted mood, take some time to read some of the graffiti in the safe houses for some humorous endings.


  • Easter Eggs 12Red Faction: Armageddon – Mr Toots This Easter Egg got so much attention that a famous Youtuber (Freddiew) made a CGI video on it, this is of course the rainbow-pooping unicorn called Mr Toots. Other than being a ridiculous weapon, it is the most over-powered weapon in the game, with the rainbow laser being fired destroying anything in its path, walls or enemies alike. He even found his way into Saints Row: The Third, being the icon for The Military logo and if you really want, he is available as an Xbox Live Avatar prop for 240MS.


  • Easter Eggs 13Arkham City – Killer Croc Amongst being one of the best game series for combat and storyline, the Batman series is known for having an investigatory side to it with some detective work, so with all the clever and bin-boggling puzzles made for The Bat to solve, there’s always going to be some clever secrets as well. And in Arkham City, boy did they go all out, especially with the references from the first game. The main one to look out for here is the Killer Croc reference that can be completely missed, if not immediately pursued. Along with this you have some Scarecrow gas in a boat to which one of Joker’s minions has fallen foul to, there is the creepy secret of Bruce’s dead parents, and to top it all off you can make everyone’s head in the game massive. What more would you want?


  • Easter Eggs 14Ubisoft – Abstergo Ubisoft have always loved tying their games together so they fit into the same universe, and they do it really well. The company Abstergo was introduced in the very first Assassin’s Creed as the company that allowed Desmond to access his ancestor’s memories, since then they have expanded Abstergo to cover almost all of Ubisoft’s work in-game. In the latest Assassin’s Creed, AC: Black Flag, you can hack Abstergo workers computers and look through their e-mails, giving you information on not only the next AC, but on watch Dogs as well. Abstergo can also be found in many other Ubisoft titles, such as Far Cry 3, where the special missions can be bought with Ubisoft point, these missions also including BioShock references (SO MANY TIE-INS!).


  • Easter Eggs 15Portal 2 – The Ratman The cake is a lie. Brilliantly this Easter Egg is not, as there are several areas that you can find Doug Rattmann’s messages all over the wall and even hear him muttering to himself in one area. Portal 2 is full of clever little surprises, some are quite intricate such as the translation of the audio file to show a companion cube or the argument of whether the story is based form the Greek myth of Prometheus, or there are the softer references to the co-op play and the ingredients of the Portal 1 cake in the co-op level choosing menu.


  • XCOM – Heroes In XCOM you are given the chance to change any soldier’s name, and if you enter one of these names – Sid Meier, Ken Levine, Otto Zander, Joe Kelly, Chris Kluwe or William Carter. These are essentially the ‘cheat codes’ for the game and include developers of games like Civilisation and the BioShock series, and have ridiculous stats, so if you want an easy play through of the game then go ahead and cheat, you cheater!


  • Easter Eggs 17Half Life 2 – G Man Half Life 2, along with Portal 2, share the same in secrets, there’s a ridiculous amount of them in the game. G Man is a main feature to Half Life 2, forget the enemies, it’s hard enough when you’ve got some creepy guy with wide eyes and a suitcase watching your every move. The strangest thing is, whenever you spot him watching you, he walks off… just like that. To accompany this strange occurrence, there are many other creepy secrets to find, along with the reversal of the screaming zombies make when set on fire, apparently screaming “HELP ME, HELP ME”. Let’s move onto something a little lighter hmm?




  • Crysis 2 – Rave Elevator Ahh yes, the dance Easter Eggs.Easter Eggs 18 One of the funniest and most random secrets of most games. LEGO games started this craze with the occasional room where you could create a whole dance scene and you would get Stormtroopers lining up to dance to a remixed Star Wars track. Well in Crysis 2 you get exactly the same, although for such a serious game, the placement is really unexpected. On the mission ‘Dead Man Walking’, you will arrive in an elevator at one point. If you mess about with a control panel then return the elevator next to the one you arrived in and call for it, the doors will open to see some guards having a little party of their own to some funky rave music, why not join them?


  • Easter Eggs 19Runner 2 – Slenderman Back to the creepy stuff again, this one includes everybody’s favourite tall, faceless and well-dressed forest-stalker. That’s right, it’s Slendyman! In World 3, Bush Wacky, as you’re casually running along and trying to avoid the enemies and survive, the chances are you’ll be focusing on the foreground, BUT if you have the chance to peek into the background you’ll notice Slenderman appearing four times throughout the run with his scary tentacles out, just standing there and watching you. Maybe he’s just looking for his notes though, probably nothing to worry about.


  • Easter Eggs 20Developer Easter Eggs Developers have always been trying to give the players a little something more whilst getting more recognition, and if it includes a secret of the developers, well you’ve killed two birds with one stone. This leads back to some of the very first Easter Eggs in games, such as the developers name appearing in Pong. There have been countless versions of this, such as secret dialogue in The Walking Dead series, hidden rooms with a PDA of e-mails on it in Doom 3 and a Hall of Developers in Serious Sam with massive heads. My favourite one of all though has to be the Gaben room in Half Life 2 which is probably the funniest nod to the developer I have ever seen. After no clipping into a black box under the map, you find yourself in a room textured with thousands of Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve, accompanied by some rather interesting music.

There’s my Top 20 Easter Eggs for you avid secret finders and I all hope you enjoy your Easter! – Starky

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