Arctic Monkeys

Q&A – Fabrik chat about their haunting new single Black Lake

For those people that haven’t heard of Fabrik could you tell us a little bit about the band your story? We’re a 4 piece act from Birmingham. We use loops and samples to build up our songs before adding our live instruments. Which artists or album have really stuck with you and informed your sound? Dummy by Portishead has had an impact. Also some ethereal stuff like Boards of Canada and Tycho...[Read More]

Q & A – ReverbNation Competition Winner Joe Harkin – A little bit of History

For those readers that haven’t heard of you before could you tell us about yourself your story? Yeah, so i’m a singer\songwriter form East Yorkshire. I’ve been performing as a soloist for the the past 7-8 years.  I didn’t actually start learning to play the guitar until i was about 19/20 years old. After coming back from my first Glastonbury trip in 2007 i realised i’...[Read More]

Q&A: ReverbNation Competition Winners Altinak – It’s about to Kick Off

For our readers that have not heard of Altinak before could you tell us a bit about the band your story? The name comes from the eastern most star in Orions belt called Alnitak but we swapped the middle letters round to give Altinak. We formed in 2011 when we were all in 1st year of Linlithgow Academy. All four of us found ourselves in the music room of a local youth club and just hit it off. From...[Read More]

Sly Antics – Small Festivals Are Essential, They’re Full Of Die Hard Music Fans

For those people that haven’t heard of Sly Antics before could you tell us a little bit about yourselves, your story? We’re a three-piece dirty-pop rock band from Manchester made up of cousins Sam and Lee Hudson and another chap called Chris. We’ve been around about 18 months now and have been working relentlessly throughout that time. We started this band in the same was as most do – by hating th...[Read More]

That Time I Went to Leeds Fest and Saw a Load of Bands (Sunday)

The last day came and I planned on having a fairly laid back day as most of the acts I wanted to see were on the previous days, I planned on seeing Imagine Dragons, While She Sleeps and then of course Arctic Monkeys. My plans however changed as I chose to stay and watch Jake Bugg over While She Sleeps which ultimately was in fact the worst decision I made that weekend, but I’ll get into that later...[Read More]

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