For National Poetry Day We Celebrate the Thriving North West Live Scene

Last weekend poetry took centre stage at Sonder Festival with a host of the North West finest poets performing at Sandbar and with the North Wests currently thriving live poetry scene it is no wonder. Manchester alone has a whole plethora of unique poetry events to delight your ears and question your mind. Word Central takes place on the first Thursday of the Month in Manchester Central Library, a...[Read More]

Sonder Festival – Going Against The Grain

How did the festival start, what inspired you to create Sonder Festival? SONDER Festival was created through a Facebook chat about the lack of opportunities for great bands across our city between myself and Co creator Gav Pettifor. We both had the same opinion that it was more about ticket sales than quality music and we decided that we should try to do something against that. I knew that an old ...[Read More]

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