Brother Rock

Brother Rock is a comic strip from Randy Gabbard and Guy Gilchrist. IN THEIR WORDS “I love working on Brother Rock! Being a Cartoonist and a songwriter, it’s right up my alley! The peace and love and rock ‘n’ roll message of this comic strip makes me want to draw it in an old time 1960s underground style! Rock on!” — Guy Gilchrist Cartoonist of...[Read More]

The Numbers Behind Indie Music

If you are a person that loves music, loves finding new artists and enjoys discovering new music, then read on. I’ll try to help you realize the importance of supporting the music you find; discover and enjoy. So, we’ll start with this. You stumble upon a song you like from an artist you never heard of before. You decide to check out more from that artist. You listen to a few more and hey you enjo...[Read More]

Chinatown Dance Rock and SCOTUS. A conversation with The Slants’ Simon Tam

(Los Angeles) If you Google “all-Asian rock band”,  the first name that comes up is The Slants, which is appropriate, because they are the “the first and only all-Asian American dance rock band in the world”.  Their fast-tempo synth beats and melodic vocals have moved crowds in venues and cons through 22 tours and seven albums, EPs, and mix tapes.  But there is another reason The Slants top the Go...[Read More]

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