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The Echoes – Blues Artist Of The Year – Samantha Fish

“Everything I do is rooted in blues” ~Samantha Fish Samantha Fish may be Artistic Echoes’ 2018 Blues Artist Of The Year, but her musicianship goes far beyond the blues genre. From Chills & Fever, her soulful, obscure, 60’s R&B covers album, to the stripped-down, raw and emotional, Belle Of The West, it’s clear Samantha can’t be leashed to one genre. Releasing both albums in 2017 was a risk...[Read More]

LA/LA Land : Alligator Beach packs Harvell’s: a perfect word of mouth storm

One of the great mysteries of the music business, at least to smaller bands, is how to get people to show up at gigs. Bands build mailing lists, post on social media, pass out gig flyers, run contests, hire PR firms, register with BandsInTown, and try to do advance radio shows.  For established bands with big fan bases, that is generally more than enough;  shows and tours get sold out. For smaller...[Read More]

Music’s history & future. Sandy Skeeter on rebooting Sound City. Plus Adam Road

Sandy Skeeter, Sound City Studios. For nearly 50 years, Sound City Studios has been the place where superstars were made and recorded.  Founded in 1969, SCS kicked off with recordings by Neil Young, Dr. John, and the James Gang, but it still struggled. Then in 1973 Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks came in to record, met a drummer there by the name of Mick Fleetwood, and the rest is history.  Fo...[Read More]

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