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In continuation of the series of The Elder Scrolls articles I have been doing recently, I thought I’d give the voice to the people for once and get a couple of views on the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online.


1. When you heard about the idea, what was your first opinion?

“I thought it was a good idea but I was worried that it would just end up being too much like World of Warcraft.”

“Great franchises that I’ve enjoyed for many years and indulged myself in to hours of gameplay and know I can finally enjoy Tamriel with my friends in one game. The idea of it being an MMO could fail though because of trolls and noobs. I think if you’re going to do this game, use the post-apocalyptic wasteland from the Fallout series.”

“When I first heard about it, I was very sceptical as a lot of franchises have tried making MMOs and I haven’t enjoyed them.”

“My first thoughts on the game when it came down to it was, what would the requirements be in order to run it and would it look as good on the next gen as it would on PC?”

2. Now that it is closer to actually being released, has your opinion changed?

“Not particularly, I’ve found that it’s not been too hyped up, so I’m not really expecting much from it. I look forward to hearing people’s opinions after it’s released.”

“Yes, granted it’s in beta and the game has still to develop fully with its many bugs and glitches, which can be expected with every MMO when first released, but I have heard that it has damaged the Co-op aspect to the game and there has been little mention of guilds in the game.”

“Slightly for the worse, as I have read that some story details have been changed to make the world seem more like a generic fantasy, which seems a bit bland compared to the other games in the series. I am looking forward to the gameplay, though.”

“Not really. Just, would it be to the same quality as a full PC MMO just like World of Warcraft.”

3. How do you think the online is going to work out, awesomely or poorly?


“I think it will work out poorly, I find that it’s generally the community that ruin a game’s online but I think it’s an interesting twist allowing people to play with their friends.”

“ The idea should work out to be awesome but unfortunately the way that its progressing at the moment, it is going to end up being a very poor game and may kill what we love about the franchise. However, the delay to fix and improve the game for its console release will bring a terrific gaming experience to those who don’t follow the PC master race.”

“I think it will work out better than most MMOs, as they haven’t restricted it to the computers, so more people will play it. The PvP elements will definitely attract players.”

“A game in early 2013 came out called Defiance, in similar style to TESO, but the problem with it was you needed good internet in order to play it. You could end up not getting the full potential out of it as the game would also drop frames at certain parts.”

4. Name something positive and something negative you think about TESO?

“A positive is that it’s in Tamriel which is cool. I enjoyed the worlds that we have already played in so a chance to revisit in a different game would be cool. My negative is the graphics style, I’d have preferred them to keep graphics similar to that of Skyrim, but I know that people’s computers wouldn’t be able to handle it though, so it’s just a dream.”

“It’s Elder scrolls with my friends what more do I want, so that’s a positive. The big negative is the cost, the start cost plus the monthly subscription with added content on top, it’s just too much!”

“The concept of having war between the different player factions across the game world is something I’m looking forward to. However, I don’t like some of the backstory or lore elements they’ve changed.”

“I get to interact with friends through TES now which is cool, but it may not adapt well to a controller from the PC, moves and abilities could be taken out of the game like with Diablo 3”


5. Are you excited for TESO, or is it something you could do without?

TESO 3“I could probably do without; I’d probably use more established games like World of Warcraft or The Lord of the Rings online. For now I’ll just stick to Skyrim.”

“I could happily do without it for now, I’m happy to waste my money on building my Steam library up and playing Skyrim with mods for now.”

“I’m not too excited for it, but I’ve enjoyed the other games in the TES series, so I will definitely buy it in order to check it out.”

“I was excited when it was first announced with the high quality trailer but since then I’ve not really heard much about it or if it’s any good. Not having friends who will get TESO it stops me, as it sounds a lot like a friend based game.”

As you can see, many different opinions. Let me know what yours is, you can contact me through Facebook on the Xbox Decoded page or just ask the editor of Artistic Echoes, you can find his e-mail on the site.

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