Top 5 Saddest Deaths in Xbox Gaming (SPOILERS)


Throughout our lives we have all had some emotional moments, but what are the top 5 in gaming that made everyone teary eyed? Below I cover some of the top moments in Xbox gaming that are considered to be the most emotional, full of sacrifices and heroism but be warned this does contain a few SPOILERS!

5. Mafia 2 – Henry

One of Vito’s closer friends and the one who allowed Vito and Joe to make it big in the mafia business, it comes a shock when you visit Henry for a meeting, only to find several of Zhe Yun Wong’s soldiers hacking at him with cleavers. As you reach your friend, bloodied and dead, they run off to a car and get away, only for you to find them later and get your sweet sweet revenge!

4. Red Dead Redemption – John Marston

Seen as one of the most invincible characters in gaming, it comes as a shock when your favourite Western Gunslinger kicks open the barn doors to his own death, all in order to save his beloved wife and son. The whole game he has been running form death, but now he knows his time is finally up, but he goes down fighting allowing you to kill some federal jerks on your way out. After his death you play Jack Marston and you avenge your father along with the ability to visit this legends grave at any time in game.

3. Silent Hill: Homecoming – Alex’s Mother

Later in the game, Alex comes across his mum who he sees is bind to a crucifix device that is slowly stretching her body and killing her. After a heartfelt talk between to the two, she bags Alex to kill her, giving the player a choice to end her pain and shoot her or to leave her there to die a gruesome death. Which choice did you choose?

2. Gears of War 2/3 – Dom and Maria

A double dosage of sadness, the first being Dom’s love, Maria Santiago. After a laborious and timely search, they eventually find Maria imprisoned in a cell by the Locusts. Dom opens its, expecting to see Maria in her former glory, only to be awoken by Marcus form his hallucination and to see his wife emaciated and broken. After apologising that he had failed her, Dom eventually had no choice but to reach for his pistol and euthanize her.

In GoW 3 though, Dom sacrifices himself in a valiant and heroic effort to save the others, driving a truck into the tanker, causing an explosion and saving them. The horde erupts in a ball of flame, killing every single one of them as Maria’s hometown explodes into pieces and Dom joins her in death. His last words are “Never thought it would end like this, huh!? Huh, Maria!?.”.

1. The Walking Dead – Lee

This has to be one the most saddening deaths in all of video gaming history and Telltale create the scene and events so well that it brings a tear to eye of even the hardest zombie-killing survivalist. After saving Clementine from a stranger that kidnaps her, Lee falls unconscious after having been bit by a walker for a good time now. He tells Clementine to restrain him on the radiator so he doesn’t try to bite her, and after a struggle with a zombie security guard to get a gun, you can either leave Lee to become reanimated or you could gather up all your courage and take one swift shot to put him out of the hellhole that is earth. Either way, Lee closes his eyes and dies painlessly and quickly, at least we can all know that right?

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