Top 5 Xbox One Apps



Xbox One Apps 1

I’m one of those guys who just can’t get enough of YouTube, it pretty ,much rounds every day off for me, so having the app on Xbox One means I can watch the latest videos of my subscribers on a big screen in 1080p. What more would you want than a high quality video of the latest Machinima or a finger being bitten by a baby?




Xbox One Apps 2

A lot of my friends are on the computer now, meaning one of the main ways of chatting to each other is Skype because of the high quality calls, easy to use interface and just a generally nice app for socialising. This is a much easier way to chat cross-platform and with the Xbox it is even easier to video-call friends and family and chat to other people. Did I mention it’s completely free as well?


Xbox One Apps 3

A lot more gamers today are streaming their playthroughs and highlights online and what better place to do it than twitch, with over 43 million viewers every month? You can also watch and chat on other live streams in case you feel angry about the Pokémon trainer walking into the same wall the millionth time.



Upload Studio

Xbox One Apps 4

This is a brand new feature to come to the Xbox One, and the feedback has been amazing. This little app (if you read my Xbox One article) gives you everything you need to turn your small clips captured by the One into editing masterpieces. Who knows, you may become the next YouTube sensation?


Xbox One Apps 5

And last but not least, one of my favourite way to watch your favourite TV shows and movies all in one simple and easy app. Netflix, although not being free at a monthly subscription rate of £5.99 ($9.97), has over 40 million subscribers, all enjoying the latest Marvel movie or catching up on the drugged up plot of Breaking Bad.

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