Top 5 Xbox One Arcade Games


WELCOME TO THE 10th EDITION OF XBOX DECODED ARTICLES BY THE WAY! Just a quick thanks to all those who have read my articles and an even bigger to those who give them a like, you guys are great! After talking to a lot of other Xbox One users, the general consensus was that there aren’t enough games out yet, so I thought I’d do a quick article on the top 5 (in my opinion) XBLA games.

1. Minecraft

Top 5 XBLA 1

Ahhh the classic, what list would not have this right at the top? Good old Minecraft, I was even reminiscing about when I first got this on computer and there was no Nether, no hunger bar and no sprint, and no Squidward looking NPC either. You can spend hours and hours of fun on this game alone or with friends, building architectural wonders and blowing up your friends, trying to survive in the harsh wilderness or maybe going to the Nether for those all-important potion ingredients for the End. A great game and definitely worth the money.

Top 5 XBLA 2

2. Trials

Probably one ofthe more rage-inducing games on the XBLA, trials is now into the fourth game of its series and still a popular choice on the Arcade. Who knew riding a motorbike could get so creative? All the custom build maps that people make are a brilliant addition to the game making for some interesting rides and game types. There’s always a single player element where levels get progressively harder, to the point where you feel like you are enduring the game rather than just playing. A much loved game and the multiplayer map combinations just make it all the more better.


3. Telltale Games

Top 5 XBLA 3

One of my favourite game publishers of all time, here I’m talking about their amazing series releases such as The Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us. These two titles are ones probably familiar with everyone purely because of their choice aspects and narrative gameplay, making a game that really doesn’t require much button pushing into one the most interesting XBLA titles out there, weather you’re into fairy tales or zombies. And even better, yet to be announced the release dates, it has been said Telltale are working on two episodic games to be released this year with Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

Top 5 XBLA 4

4. BattleBlock Theater

Made by the same guys who gave you Castle Crashers, Behemoth have made what should be a solid plot into a game that brings out the kid in everyone. Along with its humorous graphics and narration, it gives you two difficulties: Normal for the advanced gamers, Insane for the psychopaths. The multiplayer is also similar to the campaign but with two players, giving you options to work with (or against) each other to complete the missions, and if you really want to get your anger out, you can play a 4 player PvP where you can team up with someone to kick some ass. And if you want to chill out, go and spend some of those well-earned gems on your vastly growing collection of heads or go on a search to find people willing to trade limited edition heads, which is mostly impossible. My bro says “It’s well worth the money and it’s easy to come back to whenever, however, if you have OCD about collecting the heads, you may throw your Xbox out the window.”

5. Worms

Top 5 XBLA 5

An instant classic for me, something I loved throughout primary school and still love now. The sound of those explosions and war cries in high pitched voices, and the memories come flooding back. The amount of versions there are now is amazing, all you have to do is choose one and soon you’ll be exploding fellow earthy creatures dressed in ninja costumes with bananas or sheep. If you’re bored and want a quick single player game then go for it, if you are ready for an all-out war then invite some friends for a game and get your worm on, either way this game is always going to be a good buy.

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