Trials Fusion – Jumping Through Hoops

Gaming Mega Drivel PC

Mega DrivelThe first level of Trials Fusion involves registering for an online “Uplay” account through a laboriously slow sequence of text entry screens. It’s a surprisingly difficult level, and although the gameplay consists only of typing words and clicking on buttons – which I’m usually quite good at – I found myself at the “Cannot connect at this time” death screen more times than I felt I deserved. This level can be skipped if the challenge is too much for you, but it will appear again every single time you start the game, mocking your inadequacy to progress.
The second level involves reading some messages. An email notification will flash in the upper left of the screen, and to make it disappear you must read several messages welcoming you to Trials Fusion and offering to sell you additional content. uplay-200Unfortunately, progress in this level doesn’t save, so you must read the messages each time you boot the game. They are well written, but this can become tedious.

The rest of the game is downright bizarre, going off on a wild tangent from the account registration and message reading featured in the early levels, and instead forcing the player to navigate a motorcycle across highly uneven terrain. I must admit that I didn’t play too many of these levels, and felt that they were somewhat out of place within the game.
Trials Fusion is a game that starts out dull and becomes confusing. Overall it’s a disappointing experience, and not one that I recommend.

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